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To all the Mothers out there

To all the mothers out there Happy Mother’s Day.

I never really gave any extra thought to this day other than it being one of celebrating our mothers and mother figures in our lives. But today can be a really difficult day for a lot of women out there.
It wasn’t until I went through the heartache of giving birth to my daughter and having to say goodbye to her before I got to say hello that I realized this day means more than just joy. This day can be extremely difficult for women who suffer from infertility and will only dream of being a mother, the women who have had the joy of a positive pregnancy test but quickly are met with heartache of a miscarriage (or multiple miscarriages), to the ones who have held their babies but have also had to endure the pain of burying them. These women deserve to be acknowledge on Mother’s Day as well because they are mothers, their babies may have only been here for a brief moment in time or a dream in their heart.

If you know a women who has suffered a pregnancy loss please remember them today and say Happy Mother’s Day to them because even though they don’t get to walk beside their child each day, they carry them in their heart each day.

I stand with you in your pain and am humbled by your strength and courage. I am thankful I have been blessed with my son who brings me joy each day, as well as the life that grows in my belly. But I know the pain of having dreams of what life with my daughter would be like never come true. I have stood graveside and said goodbye to my heart. You are not alone.

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the Mothers out there you deserve all the love today and each day.


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