Life Updates

This Week in Photos | Week 4

Here is a look back on what we’ve been up to this week…

Sometimes your kid draws on the windows with his peanut butter fingers and you say screw it in the name of art!untitled-0087

Flowers from my Valentine

Leaf in the sunlightuntitled-0088-2

My Valentine!img_20170216_092715_045.jpg

My little artistimg_20170215_094455_614.jpg

First sap of the year!wp-1487648998203.jpg

Griffin was feverish a few days this week, I got lots of cuddles in. The bright side to when he is sick.img_20170218_103953_963.jpg

Long weekend bonfire…20170219_151930.jpg

…to celebrate this guy coming home and into this world!20170219_155519_hdr.jpg

Beautiful end to a great dayimg_20170219_175745_256.jpg

Out for breakfast on Family Day20170220_104432_hdr.jpg

Cuddles with my baby. 21 weeks now!img_20170220_212417_347.jpg


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